DRUM + BASS // Metalheadz / Prototype / Subtitles / Norway

DJ/producer Teebee spent ten years making his mark on the Norwegian drum 'n' bass scene, but it only took one album and a handful of singles (on labels like Rugged Vinyl and Moving Shadow) to establish him as a major player in the elitist UK drum 'n' bass scene. The 2000 release of his debut album, Black Science Labs, showed the world that Teebee could both play by jungle's rules and fuck with them. The record was an unpredictable mix of sounds that twisted traditional drum 'n' bass formulas but retained a sleek, noirish sound. It was a departure from the UK's traditional pantheon of hip-hop and reggae influence, and it took lots of scenesters by surprise.

His follow-up album, Through the Eyes of a Scorpion, was a dark dancefloor rager that retained the painstaking beat structures of his debut while fine-tuning his hard edge. Teebee has become known for a style that doesn't so much straight-out pummel you but sneaks up quietly from behind and fucks with you. He has often credited this approach as an outcropping of his devotion to martial arts. (He practices Hung Gar kung fu.)

Fast forward to the present, and Teebee now needs no introduction. He's become one of the major successes of the UK's forward-thinking Certificate 18 label, as well as winning the "Best International Producer" award from Knowledge Magazine in 2001. He's gotten raves from all the major players in D&B, including Grooverider and Fabio, Andy C, Ed Rush and Optical and Bad Company. He's had releases on numerous labels, including Prototype, Juice, Creative Source, Moving Shadow, and many more, as well as releasing several mysteriously haunting R&B-flavored drum 'n' bass bootlegs.

Additionally, he plays DJ gigs around the world, creating a stir with head-banging sets that run the gamut between dark and melodic sounds. More so than most DJs, he really gets involved in his sets, dancing about, pumping his fists, and transmitting an intense energy to the crowd.
Writer : Vivian Host