SWAMP has been a DJ for more than 15 years and he took the title of USA DMC CHAMPION in 1996, his very first year involved with the contest.
Besides being Beck's DJ for the past 4 years, he's also famous for bizarre and eccentric acts on stage. He's been known to use and abuse his records in various ways while performing with Beck and also alone.

Swamp has recorded on studio tracks with Beck, Kid Rock, Crystal Method, Hanson, The Bloodhound Gang, Morcheeba, The Dandy Worhals, RL Burnside, Faithless, OPM, DEVO, Save Ferris, The Dust Bros, Kool Keith, StickY fingaz, Big Gank, Econoline Crush, and Vanilla Ice.

His television appearances include ABC In Concert, The Grammy Awards, The American Music awards, Jooles Holland, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'brien, Much Music,, The MTV awards, Sessions on PBS, TFI Friday, ESPN's SUMMER X GAMES 2000, ESPN /ABC WINTER X GAMES 2001, and Top of the Pops.

His movie appearances include Paramount pictures CLOCK STOPPERS and the turntablist documentary SCRATCH

Swamp has appeared in the pages of Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Raygun, Mean, DJ Times, Keyboard, Rap Sheet,DJ Times, Mixer, Rap Pages, The LA Times, and Urb. Urb magazine says "Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200's is like watching a magic show".

Swamp has also produced 7 vinyl L.P.s on his own record label Decadent Records.
Swamp Breaks
Skip-Proof Scratch Tool vol 1-3
Neverending Breakbeats vol 1 and 2

Swamp has done remixes for the following songs:
Broken Home - Papa Roach
Negotiation - Beastie Boys
Your Only Friends Are Make Believe - Bloodhound Gang
Mope - Bloodhoundgang
For You - Encore
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Circles - Soul Coughing
You Must Learn All Night Long - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Shoulder Holster - Morcheeba
Ali Mala - Badar Ali Khan
Keno Sane - Badar Ali Khan
Too Many DJ's - Soul Wax
B Cuz - DJ Me & DJ You
Electric Cucumber - Zilch
Scratch You Number - Zilch
So Good - Natural Calamity