R.I.T.M. is the most original electronic group in the world, with the release of their 12" singles, remix work, and exploration in live performance, R.I.T.M. have established an enormous fan base that continues to grow. A band that exists on many levels, they are enjoying there tenth year of attacking your senses and emotions.The Music
Most people's first exposure to Rabbit was their song called out-of- body experience. It was released in 93, and is still to this day played in clubs around the world, when most other artist’s tracks are left for dead after 2 weeks. In a 2003 issue of Muzik magazine, O.B.E. was listed as the number one most sought after record in the last decade. After the release of phases of an out of body experience (remixes of O.B.E.) on Hardkiss Recordings '94 the demand for R.I.T.M. became enormous. They began collaborating and doing remix work for everyone from Goldie, Sarah McLachlan, BT, and Garbage, to The Smashing Pumpkins, Sven Vath, Stone Roses, and Eric Clapton. Their style of electronic music is timeless, but to truly understand this group is to see and hear them live.
Rabbit in the Moon's live experience has the power to evoke emotion at will. With a mix of performance art, live video projections, and original music. R.I.T.M. create a powerful connection with their audience. In the Readers Poll Awards 1997 URB MAGAZINE, R.I.T.M. was voted the #1 live performance act in the country. They have been called the Grateful Dead & Pink Floyd of electronic music. Wherever they perform, new believers are born. For many, the show is a religious experience, lives are changed. All this from a band that has never had to grace the screens of music television for an audience. They've been on a grass roots journey, making believers one show at a time. And from New York to Tokyo all the fans with Rabbit in the Moon tattoos see and understand that. They tell the story. This isn't a now thing, it's a forever thing..