Real name: Jay Sharpe

Stage name: SHARPNESS

Birthplace: NEW YORK CITY

Place of residence: PHILLY

Affiliations (crews etc.): GASM, SUBSTITUTION, PLATNIUM, MMI,

Labels signed to: GASM RECORDINGS, Taciturn Records

What role do you play in the scene?
Master of ceremonies

How long have you been involved in the scene?
Coming up on two years

What other styles of music are you in to?
Hip Hop, reggae and dancehall .

Which was your last record/CD?
Nas God Son

Do you write music? if so what makes up your studio and please tell us your favorite pieces of production equipment.
Yes, my studio is where my rhyme book is and my favorite piece of equipment is my pen

Which djs do you rate highly?

I have a lot it goes something like... Andy C, Craze, mampi swift, hype, shy fx, bailey, roni size, myster mason and many others I can't remember right now

Which producers do you rate highly?
Shy fx, Myster mason, Adam F dillinja and lemon D, roni size, dr. Dre, alchemist and premier of gangstarr.

Which mcs do you rate highly? .

Eminem, Biggie, Talib Kweli,
for drum and bass:
Skibadee, Shabba, DET, Dynamite, Tali, GQ, Foxy, Armanni reign, J-mess, Flipside (can), Mis-ty, 5-sighted, TC-Izlam

Any rising stars to look out for?
Everybody needs to look out for Mental sharp it's a hip hop group that myself and Armanni reign have formed we have some good material we are working on now. Also look out for 5-sighted it's a collective of emcees coming out of Philly that can do drum and bass and hip hop with ease. The group is made up of Mis-ty, J-mess, Armanni reign, Jesse James and myself. Rare B Ki is coming up quick as well

Describe your most exciting and satisfying experience in the scene.
I would have to say the most satisfying and exciting experience in the scene is anytime people have a good time and really enjoy themselves when I am playing. Every time that happens it is the best feeling I can describe.

Describe a not so pleasant experience in the jungle scene.

Any time you get a mic that fucking sucks. That is when it gets not so pleasant.

Is there anything you would like to get off your chest?

IYeah, This one time at band camp...

Where do you see yourself in a year?
Hopefully in a year emcees from the stateside will have more of a presence.

When you first got into the music business what was your motivation? Does this same drive still hold or have your objectives changed?

My motivation when I first got into the music biz was to get a party hype and showcase my skills and it still hasn't changed.

What are you current projects? Please describe in some detail.
My current projects as of right now are finishing the On and Poppin mix tape that Armanni and myself have been working on. It is a hip hop CD that showcases our crew, 5 sighted and other emcees that we know. Also we just finished a mix CD for Gasm recordings that should be coming out in the fall of 2003. Lastly mental sharp is putting together an album.

Drum and bass has yet to fully capitalize on the immense wealth of lyrical talent available to it. How do you think, using yourself as an example, that the vocal realm of music can be better used in drum and bass?
Vocals in Drum and bass is key to its success in the future, in order for it to be played on radio stations on a regular basis it must have a vocal that can be recited so the listener has something to walk away with. That is what's going to bring drum and bass into the mainstream.

Any plans for the near future?

Keep on trying to expose myself to the rest of the world and push the music forward. That's all.

Which clothing designer does it for you these days?
LRG Akademiks and ecko.

What is your heritage?
Half black and half white best of both worlds.

Describe a typical day for MC Sharpness?
Wake up go to class (sometimes) write some rhymes smoke some weed chill eat some food and take my dog to the park. Pretty boring isn't it.

Describe a typical night for MC Sharpness?
Get some drinks in me travel to where I have to play,get on a mic and then let it rip!

What's your favorite place in the world?
I would have to say the Bahamas!

What's the best place you have ever eaten or dined in?
The latest dish on 4th and south in Philadelphia. Hands down it's the best place to grub.

Who makes up "your peoples"?
My Girl, my dog, my homeboys in B-more, 5-sighted and my mom.

What's your favorite movie?

If you were given the opportunity to become a professional sportsman what would you be?
NBA superstar.

For the American public, what position would you best see yourself playing American Football and for which team?
Wide receiver for the New York Jets.

Last words.

Contact info, please.

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