DJ Magic Mike
Electronica // Miami Bass // Hip Hop - Orlando

As a chart-topper since 1988, DJ Magic Mike is far from a new comer, but one who has always managed to remain a bit more underground. The Orlando, Florida native is even noted as “The Best Platinum Artist You Never Heard Of” in Vibe magazine. Beginning in 1989, the initial goal of the DJ and his comrades was to simply sell twenty to thirty thousand copies in hopes of seeing their names on the Billboard charts. So the crew released DJ MAGIC MIKE AND THE ROYAL POSSE. "Although we knew we were hot, we never really took time out to count the rising sales. However, one day one of our employees brought it to our attention after counting the numbers that the album had sold over 500,000 copies. Completely shocked us. I was having fun anyway, and it didn't really hit me until the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) came down and present us with gold plaques at an Orlando concert, that's when everything became real,” explains Mike. Selling over a million copies, the album skyrocketed to Platinum status.

A year later, Mike made history with the release of BASS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. The LP marked the first time a completely instrumental LP reached gold status. Soon after, in collaboration with the group Vicious Bass, DJ Magic Mike spawned yet another gold hit with the single "It's Automatic." The following albums, AIN'T NO DOUBT ABOUT IT and BASS: THE FINAL FRONTIER both received gold plaques as well. By consistently presenting top-notch efforts to his fans, the famed Boy Wonder could do no wrong. DJ Magic Mike monopolized the airwaves with club anthems such as "Drop", "Magic Mike Cutz The Record" and "Feel the Bass." In all, Mike has sold in excess of 5 million records worldwide with 1Platinum and 6 gold LP’s to his credit.

As the years progressed, the scratch master became a visual legend, as one of the trio DJ's for Coca-Cola, an impressive coup in television commercials. Mike was so captivating that others soon came knocking. Pioneer Electronics offered Mike a lucrative deal including national advertising in every mainstream magazine. That deal led to a current endorsement deal with Shure Electronics. Shure signed Mike because they said he is the only DJ they know of that can spin music in every genre and appeal to whatever genre he is playing for. That is unheard of with any DJ because most of them fall within certain music types. As the untouchable DJ in Florida, Mike has spun records to crowds ranging from 2000-20,000, and his credibility within the music industry led to more strategic alliances with such music notables as Sir Mix A Lot, Poison Clan, Shortkut from the Skratch Piklz, MC Shy D and 12 Gauge. DJ Magic Mike is also accredited as being the first artist of bass music achieving gold and platinum status as certified by the RIAA.

Clearly Mike is a fifteen-album veteran and one-man enterprise. "I changed the perception of what it meant to be a DJ. For many years if a person started out as a DJ and later explored other territories such as artistry, it wasn't accepted," says Mike. Determined, he overcame those barriers, and today is internationally respected in a variety of music circles. “I feel I single handedly changed the role of the DJ not only through the southeast but the rest of the world. “You have heavyweights such as DJ Qbert, DJ Craze & Shortkut saying that I am the person that started them to spinning and who they got ideas from. That’s a big thing to me.”

Right now, Mike is currently in the studio recording his first project in over 5 years. The project is currently untitled but Mike says he is in the mood to make trunks rattle again so we all know what that means. The project is slated for release late 2008. He also just finished a mixtape that will only be available at his shows titled “As The Tables Turn”. With Mike always on the road touring, you should keep your ears and eyes open for him to come to a city near you…