Dillinja & Lemon D - an absolutely lethal combination if ever there was one. Beware as Lemon D lulls you into a false sense of security with his jazzed out musical vibes, only to have Dillinja flip the script with the dirtiest of basslines guranteed to re-arrange the organs in your unsuspecting bodies. All those with a weak disposition better stay at home with a warm mug of cocoa when these boys are in town...

There are few producers on the drum'n'bass scene who are as respected and revered as Dillinja. With his trademark combination of dirty stomach churning basslines and tighter than tight beats, his reputation has grown steadily as one of the most influential drum'n'bass producers around today.

After his sound system obsessed early teenage years, Dillinja began producing in 1991, and within a couple of years went on to form a myriad of labels such as Cybotron, Deadly Vinyl, Logic and Target. He has recorded for many other labels including V Recordings, Philly Blunt, Hardleaders, Renegade Hardware and Metalheadz, and has been called upon to remix for the likes of Bjork, Faith No More, David Bowie, Soul II Soul, Artful Dodger and Jeru the Damaja, as well as many many drum'n'bass producers. The various aliases under which he has recorded include Trinity, Capone and Cybotron. Dillinja signed an album deal with London Records in 2000, a move which resulted in the production of the notorious "Cybotron" LP in 2001, an album highly acclaimed by the dance music establishment, and securing Dillinja's position as one of the true leaders in his field.

And meanwhile...with a style that can switch effortlessly from laid back soulful jazziness to the darkest and grimiest of drum'n'bass beats and b-lines, it is little wonder that Lemon D has firmly moulded his reputation as one of the most versatile producers in drum'n'bass today. He started off by DJing under the name of Le Monde (French for "the world"). Pretty soon after, he was bitten by the production bug, and after deciding to go it alone, with a little re-shuffling of letters, Lemon D was born.

Lemon D's first releases were all on his own dancefloor-friendly Planet Earth label, and as well as his own, Lemon D has recorded for a variety of other labels, which include Kickin' Records' Conqueror and Hardleaders labels, V Recordings, Metalheadz, Dread, Reinforced, True Playaz and Belgian label R&S. He has recorded under several aliases, including Souljah, Eskobar and Afro Kid. Lemon D has a range of impressive remix work under his belt, having given remix treatment to the likes of En Vogue, Beck, Ken Ishii, Future Cut and other drum'n'bass producers, and he has also worked with Michelle Gayle and Billy Cobham.

Lemon D's introduction to Dillinja in the mid 1990's lead to the birth of their co-owned label Valve Recordings in 1997. The label started as it meant to go on with Lemon D's aggressively funky "12.01" backed with Dillinja's brutal "Violent Killa". Test Recordings  and new label on the block "Beatz" soon followed.

Not content to stop there, Dillinja & Lemon D went on to design and produce the Valve Sound System. Fed up with playing on second rate club sound systems which they felt didn't do their tracks justice, the pair decided to build their own - the Valve Sound System - the world's first sound system designed and built specifically for drum'n'bass and its frequencies of deep bass which were all too often ignored by most club systems. The mighty 90k Valve Sound System made its mind blowing club debut at London's Fabric nightclub in May 2001, and since then it has extensively toured the UK, with plans for the system to be taken overseas in the near future.

In May 2002, Lemon D & Dillinja produced Valve Recordings' debut album "Big Bad Bass", an LP which aimed to reflect the ethos of the Valve Sound System, with the inclusion of ten dancefloor smashing tracks which continue to enjoy club success some months on from the album's commercial release.