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From playing pirate radio to residing at Britain's most exciting and ground breaking clubs, Fabio & Grooverider have forged a path that has shaped the sound of drum 'n' bass and been vital in establishing the house, techno and early breakbeat scenes in the UK.

The duo first hooked up in early 1987 at Phase One, a pirate radio station which also featured the likes of Colin Dale and David Angel. An instant rapport was established as Fabio dropped funk and soul numbers over Grooverider's hip hop beats. With acid house, they started DJing together at Mendoza's - an after hours haunt in Brixton full of the Shoom crowd. Quickly establishing a name for themselves, they began playing all the major raves, spinning a mixture of Detroit house and early rave.

Fabio & Grooverider have always been a couple of steps ahead of their contemporaries, laying down early European techno way back in 1989, and developing the first UK breakbeat as long ago as 1991 at seminal club night Rage. They've also played extensively on the rave and house circuits for years, both together and separately.

" It works with us, it gels. We offer different types of music but there's a definite link - there's some kind of communication between us and that's why Fabio and I can always pick it up and play together. Now we're on Radio 1, we're going to blow it out of the water.".