Dynamix II

Miami's Legendary Duo David Noller and Scott Weiser, aka Dynamix II, are among a very few of the first wave of American electro and bass music artists to have successfully translated their old-school credentials into new-school relevance. The producers behind classic roof-raisers "Bass Generator", "Feel the Bass", "Ignition," and the Gold Release selling over 600,000 units to date "Just Give the DJ a Break," carved out a signature niche in early electro with a kitchen-sink-style mega mix approach, amplifying Electro’s energy level, deepening the low-end, and playing up its robotic themes with ample vocoded vocals.

The group was formed in 1985 by David Noller; a DJ who had just graduated Full Sail School of the Recording Arts in Orlando, Florida, Noller was immediately signed to Bass Station Records to record and release the Gold Record "Just Give the DJ a Break". Dynamix II appeared through a handful of other Miami labels before the pair set up
their eponymous imprint in 1985. Although mostly of only local interest beginning in the late '80s, when electro died out in favor of rap, the determined group decided to forge forward into the future releasing their "Electro Bass" music and vowing to remain firmly rooted in the underground dance music scene. Nearly a decade later, U.K.-based label Rephlex -- owned by Richard James, aka Aphex Twin -- reissued "Electro Mega mix", a collection of Dynamix II Releases from 1985-Present, a non stop all-in-one-place collection of their biggest tunes from over the years, originally released on the Joey Boy label in 1997.

A stream of new material remixes and collaborations continue to appear from Dynamix II, most of their LPs and singles from throughout the years remain in print and are highly sought after by DJ's worldwide.

"The biggest f**king bass you are ever going to experience" - DAVE CLARKE U.K.

"Dynamix II are one of the few Electro originators who are still on top of their game and have a live show that is a hard act to follow" DJ K-1 (AUX 88) U.S.

"I'm always excited when I get my hands on a new Dynamix release.....the Bass Fathers!!! They are your future!...and your past. Maximum Respect" - KEITH TENNISWOOD (TWO LONE SWORDSMEN / RADIO ACTIVE MAN) U.K.

"If you look at the career these two have had, the ground-breaking tunes they have made and their dedication to Electro-Funk, I nominate them for heads of 'Bassline Security' in the United States. Maximum Respect!" - RENNIE PILGREM U.K.

"Dynamix II are by far the Ambassadors of bass." - PARIS THE BLACK FU, 'DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS' U.S.

"Dynamix II's 'Just Give The DJ A Break' is an all time classic and their music has just kept getting hotter throughout the years." - DJ GODFATHER (Detroit)

"Dynamix II, the original Techno Bass Masters. Miami's finest Electro Duo, unstoppable for nearly 2 decades" - PHIL KLIEN (Bass Junkie) U.K.

"The Saga continues with the Brain Cracking Beats & the Ear Drum Shattering sounds of the Electro Duo of Doom, Dynamix II; You've been warned!" - OMAR SANTANA U.S.

"Dynamix II has been a huge staple in the beginning of my DJ career, their Feel the Bass/Techno Bass 12" was the first record I ever bought as a DJ. Their track Ignition is one of my all time favorite songs. You just knew when a new Dynamix record was coming out, that it was going to be heavy" - AK1200

"Dynamix II is an awesome duo that bang out some of the heaviest beats around!" - TOM TOM (Aux 88)

"I'll never forget the first time I heard "Feel the Bass", the Bass got under my skin. T! Thunderous & life changing, I till have the original 12". One of the Innovators of the Techno Bass sound, Dynamix II knows how to DROP IT!" - DJ MONK (Rabbit in the Moon)