Hip Hop/Turntablism – New York

Growing up in Northern New Jersey, IE.merg_ was heavily influenced by the New York
hip hop scene. At age 13 he began his DJ journey by djing local parties and practicing at
home. From influences such as former X-ecutioner Mista Sinister, he worked to perfect
his craft while keeping an open ear to other genres as well, such as drum n bass, rock,
jazz and soul.

After years of practice, IE.merg_ began to enter DJ battles, bringing a new level of
aggression and technique to the plate. Quickly, he swept the battle scene with a
powerful tide, winning virtually every competition he entered. His passion and
determination did not go unnoticed throughout the dj community. Shortly after winning
the 2002 ITF US Advancements, IE.merg_ was inducted into one of the most respected
DJ crews in the world - the 5th Platoon. Now with the support of decorated turntablist
veterans he continued to dominate the battle circuit.

At the turn of the millennium, IE.merg_ was known only to those closest to him. But the
year 2002 proved to be the beginnings of what would eventually turn into a career for
IE.merg_. He became actively involved at Scratch DJ Academy in New York, (Founded
by the Late Jam Master Jay). IE.merg_ became Head Professor at the Academy where
he then developed the curriculum now taught in every scratch/juggling class. He
maintained his domination of dj competitions in the United States. In the next 3 years
IE.merg_ won 35 battles, which factors out to winning 1 battle a month for 3 years

Since 2002, IE.merg_ has won 10 national titles and 5 world titles, which is more
championship titles in 3 years than any other DJ has accumulated in a
lifetime. He has won every prominent National title in the US as well as world
championship titles in every world DJ competition organization in existence. IE.merg’s
most prestigious title came at the 2004 DMC World Championship, making him the
leading solo world title holder, with 5 World Championship titles.
Seldom has there been such a driven and capable artist that has been able to
accomplish so much at such a young age. After years of completely dominating the
battle DJ scene, IE.merg_ is stepping into new territory inspired by artists from all the
genres he.d always kept close to his heart. IE.merg_ is applying the same ferocity that
earned him such prestige in the battle community and taking it with him to master the
world of production.

IE.merg_ has started the transition from battle dj to producer by co-founding NormRex
and working with label mates to construct a full service studio in Florida while
incorporating his own production into his live performances.. With all he has accomplished; IE.merg_ is continuing to push boundaries and take revolutionary steps in recording and live performance.

World Titles:
ITF World Scratching 2002
World Series Turntable Championship 2003
DMC World Championship 2004
Vestax World Championship 2004
DMC World Championship 2005

USA Titles:
ITF US Advancements 2002
ITF Western Hemisphere Scratching 2002
Kool Mixx National 2003
US/Canadian Allies Allstar Invitational Beatown 2003
Guitar Center National 2003
DMC US Supremacy 2003
DMC US Supremacy 2004
Guitar Center National 2004
DMC USA Showcase 2004
Guitar Center National 2005

Regional Titles:
Import Expression CT 2002
ITF New York 2002
Kool Mixx New York 2002
Kool Mixx New York 2003
Guitar Center New York 2003
Import Revolution NJ 2003
DMC Miami 2003
ITF New York 2004
DMC New York 2004

Local Titles:
Zulu Nation 2001
H2E NY Tour 2001
Miami Pro-Am 2002
Kean University 2002
The Cop Shop 2002
H2E Orlando Throwdown 2002
Battle Royale 2002
Metro DJ Store 2003
Guitar Center Store 2002
Abracadabra DJ Store 2002
Underground Film Festival 2003
Beat Street Records 2003
Guitar Center Store 2003
Backspin Studios 2003
Braggin’ Rites 2003